A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki Set 500g

Net weight: 500g

Sukiyaki is a dish that coat delicious beef slices with a sweet broth. It’s one of the most famous Japanese dish! The complementary sukiyaki sauce from Ginkakuji Onishi is brewed with high quality ingredients from all around Japan like: Rishiri konbu from north Hokkaido and bonito from the south Makurazaki, Kagoshima prefecture. Using authentically-brewed whole soy sauce as a base. Made completely without additives and safe for kids too! Great for not just for Sukiyaki, but also shabu shabu/hot pot, simmered dishes and rice bowls.

The sweetness of the sukiyaki broth pairs well with our buttery A5 wagyu loin (200g) and lean but tender A5 wagyu akami (300g) sukiyaki slices!


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